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Markdown Publishing with Amplenote

Amplenote is a fantastic note taking application that stays true to plain text notes. Using Amplenote allows for great content to be made easily and then can be exported as a plain text note formatted in Markdown. What's great about this is your notes can be easily preserved as all operating systems can open and display text. The raw markdown text file can easily be read and understood without any translation. Many applications support Markdown and can accept the syntax and convert to formatted text.
Wordpress has a decent editor but can be challenging when trying to format a post. Images can be particularly challenging. Wordpress uses different types of blocks specific to certain types of content. For example, there is an image block, a code block, and especially useful for us, a Markdown block. This block allows us to write in Markdown and Wordpress will interpret the text and apply the required format.
I would like to note that Amplenote does allow embedding a note directly into a Wordpress site. It's a great feature that will only get better. It's great for personal use and is easily implemented by pasting a small piece of code that introduces an Iframe. The beauty of this is the updates to your notes are instantly updated on your site. However, if you depend on search engine placement, there are debates if an iframe helps or hurts your ranking. For me, since I need to create a new post for the embedded code, I would prefer to simply copy the exported markdown and paste. My content, when published, does not change and I have a copy located in my notes. If I do have an update, I can work the draft in Amplenote and then republish.
Let's get to the process of posting from Amplenote to Wordpress. For this example, we'll actually use this post's exported Markup from Amplenote. To begin, click the menu at the upper-right and choose "Download Note":
Your note will be downloaded as a .md file which is the file extension for Markdown.
Copy the text to your clipboard and create a new post in your WordPress blog. Click the + icon at the top and choose the Markdown block.
Paste your exported text from Amplenote:
Notice you are able to preview your markdown. This view will process the Markdown for a post preview:
You will notice Amplenote's export does provide important information about your note to include the title and tags. You will want to remove this header information before posting. When creating your post, simply cut and past the title into the post title. Then, and use the tag portion as a reference to know what tags are needed for the post and when complete, simply remove.
I have found using Amplenote for blog posts work really, really well. However, there are a few gotcha's that you should be aware of when using with Wordpress:
Images will reference back to Amplenote. For me, this is actually a good thing but is something to be aware of. Viewing an image in a new tab will point to Amplenote.
Image Alt Text is not present in the markdown, but can be added afterwards. Simply change ![](URL) to ![](URL "my alt text")
PDF file attachments do not work as the reference link is broken. Amplenote uses a relative path instead of a full url. PDFs will work if the url is manually changed.
Image resizing is possible withing Amplenote but does not translate when exporting. Be sure to size your images before placing in Amplenote.
Simple URL links work great, but the advanced citations in Amplenote does not translate. Avoid using with your Wordpress site.
Using Amplenote to publish to Wordpress works great and allows the following advantages:
Paste images directly to the editor without any uploads
Write posts anywhere, including a robust mobile application
Formatting tools offered by Amplenote are really good and works for most posts
Tagging allows for a great workflow for moving an article from one stage to the next
Notes can be shared to allow for live collaboration
Your notes are safe, can be exported in mass or individually.
Amplenote provides versioning :
Amplenote provides a word count feature to ensure post lengths for SEO:
Mail to note feature allows for capturing your ideas for the next big thing
Be sure to check out Amplenote today!
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